Welcome to Pyramidbageriet

Traditional crispbread baked in open-hearth ovens.

Pyramidbageriet, which is Swedish for 'The Pyramid Bakery', is a family business situated in the small Swedish village of Hulån, between Dala-Järna and Vansbro in the Dalarna region. It is here that we bake our delicious, award-winning crispbreads, which is the result of a successful cultural union between the baking traditions of Swedish farming culture and those of ancient Egypt. Pyramidbageriet is Sweden's third largest crispbread bakery.

The Pyramid Bakery was founded in 1991 and is still run by one of its founders, Emad Bayoumy who comes from a long line of Egyptian bakers. Emad is also a trained mason and something of a perfectionist. Over the years, Pyramidbageriet has received widespread loyalty and support, without which our bakery would not be what it is today.

Our crispbreads are fibre rich and free from fat, dairy and sugar. Enjoy the breads with your favourite sweet or savoury topping, for breakfast, as a snack, or as an accompaniment to a meal.

The products

We bake crispbreads in different sizes to suit all tastes. In all of our recipes we use wholegrain flour grown by local Swedish farmers. Our popular products include Spisbröd, which contain wholegrain rye, wheat and corn, Spelt Dinkel, which contain wholegrain spelt, rye and barley, and Sourdough with Fenugreek, which contains wholegrain rye.

The bakery

Our delicious crispbreads are baked in open-hearth wood-fired ovens, using Swedish pinewood, which gives the bread a unique flavour. After baking, the crispbread is inspected before being hung up to dry. The drying process is assisted by warm air from the ovens. The bread discs are dried on a pole – a Swedish crispbread tradition since the 1500s.

An environmentally conscious artisan bakery

Pyramidbageriet is a small enterprise that’s growing partly thanks to its ethical approach and environmental conscience.  We endeavour to maintain the hand-crafted, artisan nature of our baking traditions, but we have evolved technically in order to relieve our co-workers of the monotony and burden of some aspects of the process, without compromising the quality of our unique products.


Hand packed crispbread cakes

Each and every cake is hand packed in environmentally-friendly paper. A packet of crispbread from Pyramidbageriet is a symbol of high quality and good taste.

Our breads are certified with the keyhole symbol (Nyckelhål), which is a Nordic label for helping consumers make healthier food choices.


Pyramidbageriet products can be found at leading grocery stores as well as delicatessens and cheese shops across Sweden. Should your local grocery shop not have our full assortment you can contact us, and we will advise you on your nearest supplier or deliver the requested product directly to you.

Should you wish to have our bread delivered to an address outside of Sweden we can arrange delivery directly from the bakery? We can arrange worldwide deliveries.

If you have a restaurant or an industrial kitchen our products can be delivered through Menigo, Martin Olsson, Servera or Svensk Cater. Or contact us for more information.

We have a bakery shop adjacent to our bakery. Please drop in - you’ll receive a very warm welcome. You will find us in Hulån alongside road number 71 between Dala-Järna and Vansbro in the Dalarna region of Sweden. Our shop is open weekdays 8.00–16.00.

If you're interested in discussing retailing our products, please contact:

Adam Bayoumy, Managing Director
Tel. office – +46 (0)281 759 82
Tel. mobile – +46 (0) 73 839 06 07
Email – Adam.Bayoumy@pyramidbrod.se


Pyramidbageriet AB


Växel +46 281 133 90


Hulån 28 

780 51 Dala-Järna